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Replacement 600,000 Gal. Whole House Salt-Free Water Conditioner


  • Reduces impacts of well water on appliances and plumbing
  • No electricity, drainage, or back flushing needed
  • Low maintenance, easy to replace product lasts up to 6 years
Product code: TRG-74118
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Item description

The replacement tank for the Aquasana Salt-Free Water Conditioner (EQ-AST-WH-R). Protect your home and plumbing from the adverse effects of scale buildup and extend the life of your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher and other appliances. Unlike salt-based conditioners, the Aquasana Whole House Salt-Free Water Conditioner won’t demineralize your water by chemically removing minerals nor will it put excess salt or chemical waste into our environment. Aquasana uses advanced SCM salt-free technology to naturally and safely reduce scale buildup in hard water without the use of salt or chemicals.

  • Extends life of pipes and appliances by reducing harmful effects of scale buildup
  • Low maintenance – long lasting systems are easy to replace and last 6-years
  • Does not require electricity, drainage for wastewater, or complicated salt replacement
  • Replaces the EQ-AST-WH Aquasana whole house salt-free water conditioner

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